Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Top 10 Funny Place Names

'I'm going to bury my Wetwang in your Twatt and after I'm done you'll hear your Pussy Creek' and 'A big Poopoo passed through My Large Intestine last night much to my Disappointment' are examples of sentences you can construct with some of the world's most outrageous place names!

If any of you are bored this Easter and are planning a family trip, consider some of these ludricously named towns, cities and villages for your next visit.

10. Big Bone Lick (Kentucky, USA)

Big Bone Lick is a state park located in Kentucky, USA and gets its name from the large number of fossils found there.

9. Brown Willy (Cornwall, UK)

A favourite amongst British travel-goers who love a big brown willy.

8. My Large Intestine (Texas, USA)

This town's name is a little hard to digest...

7. Disappointment (Kentucky, USA)

Home to America's unemployed, drug dealers and ugly.

6. Wetwang (Yorkshire, UK)

In this Yorkshire village, you're sure to get your wang wet. Home to the majority of Britain's sluts and prostitutes.

5. Poopoo (Hawaii)

Not the best place to live, in fact, some people might call it 'poo'.

4. Twatt (Shetland Islands, Scotland)

Good to see the Scottish have found some humour and named a place after themselves.

3. Pussy Creek (Ohio, USA)

A favourite destination of USA's elderly population.

2. Fanny Barks (Durham, UK)

If you listen closely at night, you can actually hear them!

1. Fucking (Austria)

Fucking brilliant.

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