Wednesday, 18 September 2013

5 Most Famous Ghost Pictures

Whether you believe in them or not; ghosts tend to terrify the toughest of us.

Long gone are the days of Casper; a friendly floating chap who went out of his way to reassure children that spectres were in fact very approachable beings. 

Today our screens are polluted by hideously ugly, dead women that scream into the faces of the living and make their lives a living hell. 

Their existence will be up for debate until the end of time, but the five photos below put forward a strong argument for their legitimacy. 

5. Spirit In The Woods
A case of photoshop?

No. Photoshop didn't exist in 1959 when this famous photo was taken by Reverend R.S. Blance near Alice Springs, Australia.

The woman appears to be wearing a white dress and holding her hands just beneath her chin. 

4. Monk In Church
This ghost, captured in 1954 by Reverend K.F. Ford, bears an uncanny resemblance to the main antagonist in the Scream movies. 

Ford accidentally snapped the screaming spectre whilst taking pictures of his church in England. Examinations have taken place and no evidence has been found to suggest the photo has been tampered with. 

3. Lady Of Bachelor's Grove
Cemetery's are a place you'd expect to find ghosts and this shot, taken at Bachelor's Grove cemetery in Illinois, lives up to that stereotype.

The ghost was captured by Mari Huff, a member of the acclaimed paranormal investigating group Ghost Research Society. However, rather eerily, she claims the spectre was not there when the picture was taken.

2. The Fire Girl
November 19th, 1995 saw Wem Town Hall in England crumble to the floor in ash as a fire blazed through its walls.

Local photographer Tony O'Rahilly was on hand to capture a few photo's from the disaster and was stunned to find this image as he flicked through his images. A young girl appears to be watching on, unfazed by the inferno before her. Firefighters claims there was no one in the building and no missing report was submitted.

1. The Brown Lady
This photo, considered to be the most famous ghost photo in the world, was taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk. 

The spectre is said to be that of Dorothy Townshend, a former resident of the hall along with her abusive husband Charles. Dorothy is rumoured to have engaged in an affair with Lord Wharton. When Charles learned of her affair, he imprisoned and killed her.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

7 Of The Trippiest Videos On The Web

The internet is a heteroclite haven for some of the grooviest, most inexplicable videos ever created.

Whether you're high, wired or just have a brain that enjoys being taken on one almighty trip, the world wide web has what you're looking for.

Below are my pick of the bunch.

7. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
With over 10,000,000 views, this positively peculiar production from 'This Is It Collective' has become an internet phenomenon.

An assertive notebook tries to impose the idea of creativity to three puppets through what  seems to be a fairly innocuous song. However, as the tune progresses, the scene develops a more sinister aura. 

Many have attempted to explain the video's hidden meaning and most agree that it is parodies today's children's cartoons. 'This Is It Collective' believe the media try to enforce specific creative ideas on children and don't allow for originality. In turn, this actually prevents the child from displaying their creativity. 

6. 2AM
Imagine walking home alone from a night out and being confronted by a man in a yellow suit tapdancing toward you. 

It's chilling, it's baffling and come to think of it, it's absolutely disgusting. However, one Reddit user had the pleasure of going through that exact electrifying experience.

I'd never leave the house again. 

5. Skeletons Having Sex On A Tin Roof
The name pretty much gives away the fact that this video isn't going to be normal.

The music video by Orphic Oxtra presents a lamentably unpleasant looking chubber dancing her way through space whilst unpleasantly staring you in the eye. The music doesn't help either as you begin to believe you're in some inter-galactic arcade with no exit sign. 

It's uncomfortable, but just you try and watch it only once, just try!

4. Scariest Video 
It's title may be unbearably cringeworthy, but this animation genuinely is terrifying. 

3. Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy
The surrealist comedian has definitely taken one too many drugs in his life and it's obvious that every single one of his drug related experiences has accumulated into this. 

I don't see stupidity or craziness in his eyes, I see a cry for help. Noel Fielding needs help, and after you've watched this shit, you'll agree with me. 

A man wearing a cup for a beard embarking on a fantastical exploration round his own garden, a sting ray with more life experience that the Queen and a drug dealer in the form of a fly are not the work of a man with an unbelievably ample imagination. No, they're the work of a man desperate for medical attention.

How this show was ever broadcast to the public, I'll never know, but I'll be forever grateful. 

2. The Cat With Hands
The old legend of the cat with hands is perfectly portrayed in this disturbing production.

The video tells the tale of a poor cat that just wants to be human. He resides in a well in an isolated forest and greets visitors with his powerful teeth and claws which rip off selected parts of his victim.

Once done, the cat magically obtains the body part and uses it for himself. Hence, the cat with hands. 

1. Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

Unlike the others, there's no message to this horrifically haunting animation created by a guy who obviously needs to see a psychiatrist about his dreams.

All I can say is, just watch it.