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Top 10 Lostprophets Tracks

The Lostprophets arrived on the British new-wave scene in 1997 initially as a side project to hardcore-punk outfit Public Disturbance.

Since then, albums 'The Fake Sound of Progress' (2000), 'Start Something' (2003), 'Liberation Transmisson' (2005) , 'The Betrayed' (2007) and 'Weapons' (2010) have all been released by the Pontypridd based band. 3.5million of them have been sold.

A successful 15 year career has been enjoyed by founders Ian Watkins (vocalist), Mike Lewis (rhythm guitarist) and Lee Gaze (lead guitarist). Six accolades at both the Kerrang! and Pop Factory Awards exhibit just how prosperous the Welsh band were. Other key figures include Mike Chiplin, Ilan Rubin, Stuart Richardson, Jamie Oliver and Luke Johnson.

However, the 2010 release of their final album 'Weapons' acted like a howling storm in a horror movie signalling impending doom. The track list was shocking, Watkin's voice (never the greatest) had somehow got worse and behind the scenes, of course, he was a 'lover' of children.

In remembrance of the members who actually possessed a degree of sanity, below are my top ten tracks.

10. Goodbye Tonight One of the bands less popular songs, 'Goodbye Tonight' is my number 10. The fifth single on 'Start Something' was released on 22nd November 2004 and addresses the issue of moving on from past relationships.

'The Fake Sound of Progress' was an album full of anger, Watkins obviously bitter following a turbulent relationship and not progressing from it (hence the title of the album). 'Goodbye Tonight' exhibits a more mellow sound and begins a new path (hence the second album title 'Start Something').

9. Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja
Released on 19th November 2001, 'Shinobi' became the most successful track from 'The Fake Sound of Progress' on American rock charts. 

According to the band, the song was written in under an hour and is about nostalgia for when the members were growing up together in South Wales. It was inspired by the Shinobi arcade game they used to play at the Park View Cafe in Pontypridd.

8. Always All Ways

Possible one of the Prophets' most romantic songs, however, this time about Fearne Cotton! Watkins dated Cotton for less than a year in 2005 and remained friends with her up until 2008.

This track concerns their relationship and how he wanted to win her back.

7. And She Told Me To Leave

A perfect song to sum up the bitterness and frustration present in 'The Fake Sound of Progress'.

Containing lyrics such as 'there've been times when I've felt good because you're hurt inside' and 'won't you come and fight with me?', this relatively unknown track references a series of arguments that have destroyed a friendship or a relationship.

6. Last Summer

Possibly one of the bands most famous, feel-good and nostalgic productions, 'Last Summer' describes the band members enjoying memories past of visiting towns in South Wales such as the seaside town of Porthcawl.

'Last Summer' displays all the chilled out, feel-good vibe of 'Start Something' and the fan favourite is a perfect soundtrack to any roadtrip or campfire.

5. Rooftops

'Liberation Transmission' saw Lostprophets achieve a new level of popularity. The album targeted the 'Emo' scene, vastly populated by 14-18 year old teenagers. The band even underwent a black leather and eye liner filled makeover. The placid, alternative feel of 'Start Something' had been replaced by a genre that would attract the masses, and it did.

'Rooftops' entered the UK charts at #8 making it the highest performing Prophets' single along with 'Last Train Home'. The message within the song was to be yourself and to enjoy life to the full.

4. A Better Nothing

From the band's fourth album, 'The Betrayed', 'A Better Nothing' was definitely reminiscent of 'Start Something'. 

The song talks about going back to roots and how home is always the place we love the most. Here, the band are possibly reflecting on the varying genres they have experienced when producing. However, travelling around the world and missing home is a more likely influence to the song's meaning.

3. Can't Stop Gotta Date With Hate

One of the best car sing along songs of all time. In the song, the character is having lustful dreams of Andy from the Goonies.

Obviously, one of the band members had been experiecing these dreams and has written a song about them. A song I wouldn't take too seriously.

2. Sway

The most unique, pastoral and philosophical of all the Lostprophets tracks. 'Sway' sees Watkins take on a whole new vocal range, a sort of high pitched whisper which accentuates the calmness of the song.

The track seems to focus on letting go of things that have happened in the past and being able to take in the beauty around you. You can imagine Watkinswatching a deserted, peaceful landscape and just taking in what is in front of him.

1. Last Train Home

Arguably the band's most recognisable and popular song, 'Last Train Home' won the Kerrang! Award for Best Single and peaked at Number One on the 'Billboard Alternative Songs chart'.

Johnny Loftus of Allmusic is quoted as saying 'Last Train Home was an absolute masterpiece of pop single mixing board surgery' and 'beginning with an instrumental run through its unstoppable chorus, the song drifted into faraway echoes'.

Kirk Miller of Rolling Stone magazine added 'Last Train Home is one of the catchiest hard-rock songs to hit the radio'.

The song is about moving on after getting your heart broken, but never wanting to fall in love again. Fans claim the song is a motivation booster and unanimously put it forward as their  favourite of all the Prophet's tracks!

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