Monday, 29 April 2013

7 Of The Most Dangerous Foods On Earth

I like to think of myself as a pretty dangerous, adventurous and exciting cook.

I bring new ideas to the table and often like to wow my housemates with my spectacularly peculiar recipes. On one day I might prepare brown rice and a salmon fillet, but then infuse it with peri-peri sauce! On another day, it may change to brown rice and chicken, but then with sweet chilli sauce! 

Whatever the dish may be, it always has the power to shock. However, none of my recipes even come close to some of the buggeringly brilliant dangerous dishes from around the world which are listed below!

1. Fugu

A cute little puffer-fish with its heart-warmingly swolen cheeks couldn't possibly have the ability to cause suffocation and paralysis, could it? Think again. This Japanese delicacy is most certainly 'a dish to die for' and requires a license to cook.

After undergoing an intense crash course on how to prepare the fish, chefs must carefully remove its liver and reproductive organs which release tetrodotoxin, a paralysis inducing toxin with no known antidote. If respiratory assistance is given however, the victim can survive.

2. Ackee Fruit

There's a fine line between ripe and not-ripe with this mischievous Jamaican fruit. If its pods are red, the fruit is ripe and it will fall open. However if it isn't, the fruity felon can cause vomiting, seizures and even fatal hypoglycaemia (an abnormally diminished content of glucose in the blood). 

Consumers must steer clear of the toxic black seeds and red skin to avoid its nasty side effects.

3. Sannakji

Why the fuck you'd want to eat this in first place, I'll never know, but the Korean delicacy otherwise known as 'wriggling octopus' enjoys assaulting its consumer whilst being eaten. The raw baby octopus is showered in a delightful cascade of sesame oil before being devoured and when it eventually is, it clings to the cheeks and throats of the diner via its suction cups.

Each tentacle encompasses its own brain and therefore likes to squirm and slither as it is being eaten. If you enjoy eating fishy slime that moves, then go for it, but I think I'd rather eat shit.

4. Casu Marzu Cheese

Another ridiculously stupid idea for a food. This Sardinian cheese is left outside for flies to lay eggs in. Once the fly has gone about its business, thousands of maggots hatch, feed on the cheese and produce enzymes which promote fermentation and cause fats within the cheese to decompose.

So why is it dangerous? Some of the maggot warriors are big and strong enough to soldier through your stomach acids and reside in your intestines. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and bloody poo result. 

What a stunning idea for a food! :D...

5. Cassava

Commonly used in bread and flour making, the cassava appears fairly innocuous on the outside. However, the woody shrub native to South America has the ability to produce cyanide if prepared incorrectly. Paralysis and potential death result.

6. Monkey Brains

Another Asian delicacy, and you wonder why Kim Jong Un is threatening nuclear war. An illness called Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can lurk inside the monkey's skull. 

VCJD is a degenerative neurological disorder which causes the brain to develop holes and take on a sponge-like texture. It is often referred to as the human form of mad cow disease.

7. Giant Bullfrog

The Giant Bullfrog is a culinary specialty in Namibia, however, much like when picking a sexual partner, the young ones cause the problems. The premature bullfrogs carry a poison that can cause temporary kidney failure.

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