Friday, 5 April 2013

Top 8 Sexiest Animated Characters

Deep inside the complex mind of every male adolescent is the burning desire to pummel the crap out of a female cartoon character.

Whether they're talking animals with curvaceous breasts or even tiny pixies that frolic around permanently wedgied by their emerald leotards; we all have an awkward sexual fantasy involving one of them.

Below, you'll be glad to find eight of the most gorgeous cartoon characters to ever grace our screens.

8. Tinkerbell

Modelled on Marilyn Monroe, it's no surprise that Peter Pan's Tinkerbell makes it onto the list. She's blonde, blue eyed and can even fly! Too bad she's about 20cm tall...

7. Ariel

Her waving rouge locks and dazzling blue eyes are unfortunately outweighed by her fishy odour and lack of minge.

6. Daphne Blake

When Daphne's not solving mysteries, she's getting up to god-knows-what with Freddy. She's fearless; a characteristic she'd hopefully take into the bedroom...

5. Betty Boop

The famous flapper may be getting on a bit now, but she still remains one of the world's most iconic sex symbols. Despite her bread shaped head and minuscule mouth, I wouldn't hesitate to spend a night in her company.

4. Lois Griffin

The gorgeous mother of three is a model housewife, but when the kids are out, Lois gets randy. Frustratingly, she seems to be happy sharing her sex life with a morbidly obese, incompetent idiot who probably has a chode. 

3. Totally Spies (Alex, Sam & Clover)

The teenage trio are a personal favourite of mine and provided me with hours of fun in my early teenage years. They kick 'butt' on a daily basis and I'd certainly like to kick/or lick theirs. 

2. Jessica Rabbit

Jessica is certainly a talented little rabbit. She can sing, dance and I wouldn't doubt her ability to give a good tit w***. On any other day, she'd top the list, but there's one girl on the lips of every teenage lad...

1. Kim Possible

What a beauty. Ask any boy his cartoon crush and he'll name this stunner. Whilst researching the teenage crime fighter, I conveniently came across this picture of her, and by came across, I mean came across. 

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