Saturday, 8 June 2013

5 Facts About Colour

Colour is ubiquitous.

It's an unavoidable visual delight that puts on a pantomime for our eyes every single day, unless you're colourblind...

But colour is more than just, well, colour. It conveys specific moods and emotions and can even help to reduce crime rates!

Below are five facts you may have not known about colour...

1. First impressions are based on colours

Believe it or not, our first impressions of other people are largely based on colour. In fact, 62-90% of our first impressions are based on it so maybe it's time to pull out that pink and gold tuxedo; you just might pull. 

2. Pink has a calming effect

Unfortunately, the colour pink's calming effects still have no effect on me and seeing a girls pink underwear still won't cure my premature ejaculation problems. However, it is commonly used to coat the walls of prisons and mental health facilities, so it works for some!

3. Men and women see red differently

Whilst men only possess one X chromosome, women actually have two. The gene that allows us to see red sits on the X chromosome and so women have the pleasure of enjoying the different shades of red that don't exist in a man's eye, such as maroon and crimson. Hopefully this fact will encourage women to stop asking their men what shade of f***ing lipstick they should buy.

4. Blue is the most common favourite colour

Forty percent of people worldwide would choose blue as their favourite colour according some study somewhere on earth. Blue conveys trust and reliability and is the colour that makes Manchester City more bearable to watch; the colour that watches over us everyday (apart from the UK) and the colour that was used to light Glasgow's streets in 2002. Miraculously, crime rates lowered!

5. Yellow makes you hungry

The colour yellow is regarded as an appetite stimulator and therefore is not recommended as  the colour to decorate your kitchen with. This could be the reason why all Pikachu/Pokemon fanatics sit juggling their own fat all day. 

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