Friday, 21 June 2013

Top 5 Worst Brand Names Ever

As every successful business person will tell you, the brand name is of paramount importance.

So why do some companies find it necessary to relate their product's names to faeces, sex and even genitals? Someone behind the scenes is having a right laugh, and I don't blame them.


5. Mr.Brains
Findus should have taken a leaf out of Mr.Brains' book, at least they list what actually goes into the product! The meat company, owned by Hannibal Lecter himself, specialises in the world's finest repulsive meats. Just look at the picture, scrumptious...

4. Golden Gaytime
Everyone loves a golden gay time, so much so that Walls developed an ice cream to commemorate our favourite past times! The delicious treat can be enjoyed as, well, a delicious treat or even an icy anal fisting device!

3. Jussipussi
'What would you like for breakfast, son?' , 'Oh, well I'd love some Jussipussi!'. 

What a lovely thing to hear in the morning. Go to Finland, and this could be a real life scenario. There's nothing better than morning sex and the Finnish certainly know that.

2. Shitto

Is your food bland? Look no further than Shitto, the Ghanaian gourmet pepper sauce that has taken Africa by storm. The Africans definitely know how to flavour their sauces, but I wouldn't take their word for it, I've heard it tastes like shit...

1. Babybel

Yes, Babybel. The innocent lunchbox essential that kids just love to munch on. As we all know, there's nothing better than a Babybel to get you through your day, but just for one second imagine that they decided to call it Elderlybel. Things would change dramatically.

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